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Been awhile friends.

The last few months of 2017 weren’t all that kind to your old pal. The TL;DR version is this: Lousy gig, terrible holidays, DEPRESSION, and a general sense of low self-worth.

However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping myself busy. Far from it. Not only have I completed another novel (currently in the first round of edits), but I’ve written several new short stories that I hope to unleash upon the innocent and the righteous as soon as possible.

One short story though? Well, it’s been hanging around for a while now, mocking me at every turn with how great it is. And YET…I still haven’t found a home for it.

That changes today!

Today, I give you all the gift of the nihilistic crime tale that is ‘Godkiller’

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom