A Peek Into My Writing Room

Posted: March 9, 2019 in Writing
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Been awhile since I posted on here. Busy with life and work and <INSERT EXCUSE >

Sure enough, inspiration struck me today.


Here we go, a glimpse into my main spot for writing:


TOP Left to right: Frazetta print; Unknown Artist, but it’s a mass of demonic frogs; Signed Clive Barker print of The Hell-Priest
Bottom: Left to Right:
Cobra-La by Doktor Sewage; Ghoul gig poster (Are you Good? Or are you GHOUL Good??)


I don’t feel quite right unless Wade is watching me, approving everything I do.
Who is Wade?
Uh…GOD… I mean, duh.


Fucking told you it was signed.


King Kong movie poster from France. I like this version better than the original US one by far.
Right in descending order: 8-bit art from the Friday the 13th NES game; 8 bit art from the Nightmare on Elm Street NES game; More wonderful art from Doktor Sewage. It’s a can of Pabsts stabbing a guy puking into its mouth, as one does.


My mini collection of busts and sculptures. There’s:
The Crow; Spider-Man 2099; Symbiote Costume Spider-Man; Jason Voorhees from Part 2; Morbius; Red Sonja; Swamp Thing and Cranius; and of course, Todd Rundgren

I’m fucking watching you, Kile!

Another Frazetta print, accompanied by a production still of Brandon Lee from The Crow and more art from Doktor Sewage

My trades. I really need to get more space for them.

And finally, the bragging shelf. I’ve got a novella, a novel, and six short stories out for consideration now, so hopefully this will increase fucking soon!


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