Short Stories

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KVLT— A black metal band unearths an ancient, forgotten terror in the woods, one that shows them the trve blackness of the universe.

Ingrown—A bizzaro horror story about a depressed man who awakens one morning to discover some of his facial hair is ingrown and sentient.

Godkiller — The most notorious drug dealer in the Southern United States is on the run. A deal gone bad leads to dead cops, dead civilians, and a trail of blood and bullets two states long. His pursuer cares not for justice or revenge. He only cares about finishing the job, killing the self-proclaimed ‘God of Meth’ no matter where he runs to or who gets in his way.

Let’s Go See the Honeyman —  What should be a lovely honeymoon turns into surreal terror for one woman, terror both hypnotic and deadly, a terror in the form of a quaint roadside attraction and honeybees.

BloodBrook Road —  A man returns home after a series of failures at life and reconnects with an old friend only to discover that one’s past has a long memory and it will always catch up to you no matter where you run.

A Trip to Gehenna – Transporting the most dangerous criminal of their age, a group of Pinkertons grow lost in a storm and find themselves thrust upon the mercy of the strange residents of a small town. When the directions back to civilization lead to a dead-end, the men find themselves lost, not in the wilderness, but in Hell, itself. As the screaming starts and the blood flows, they realize their only salvation may very well lie in the hands of the man they’re being paid to bring to justice.

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Jump – A woman awakens in a room with no exit save for one: suicide by way of a plummet through a hole in the wall. As she struggles to maintain her sanity and uncover who has done this to her, her unseen tormentors push her further and further towards the edge, instructing her to simply ‘Jump’.

Many Happy Returns – A brutal suspense tale of a woman who is abducted on her birthday. Her abductors subject her to violent assaults with a kind of gleeful cruelty as they await their ransom, hiding their sick joy behind a variety of odd masks.

Pipe Dreams of the Soul Eater –  An old school Gothic tale of two sailors, long at sea, set off on a journey for excitement in New Orleans. Traversing through a nightmarish pantomime of a city, they find themselves lying in a hole-in-the-wall opium den, where the devil lies not only in the chasing of the dragon.

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The Briny Deep — The labyrinthine rooms of the great vessel contain an apocalyptic terror–one which is marked by the scrawled sigils of an ancient evil.

The Lion Tamer – A literary suspense tale set in the aftermath of the Battle of the Somme in World War I. A group of forsaken soldiers travel through the Western Front, risking capture or death, as they make a vain attempt to reach their comrades. The last thing they ever expected to find was a circus tent, where the world’s greatest lion tamer now resides with his lions. Very hungry lions.

Jesus Saves – A Gothic romance story in which we follow an individual into the woods where this person intends to end their life. A bottle of pills and the perfect spot are all this person seeks, when the unexpected occurs and our narrator stumbles across the most peculiar and beautiful sight they have ever seen: A dead body.

Available as part of the Bugs: Tales That Slither, Creep and Crawl anthology here:

The Countess and the Bard –  A high fantasy tale of a world-famous bard who is summoned to the kingdom of Mesa by a member of the royal court to prepare for a grand celebration of their king. What he does not know is that the king is a bloodthirsty madman responsible for  some of the most vile acts in the kingdom’s history. The Bard will need every single one of his wits and his creativity in order to survive. **Winner of the November 2013 Reader’s Choice Award for Fiction Vortex**

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The Monastery – Included as part of the ‘Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and Mummification’ anthology, published by Great Old Ones Publishing.  In the aftermath of the Lindisfarne raid, a new age of violence is ushered into what is now modern Europe. The Northmen, grim and violent, attack villages for profit, supplies and wanton cruelty. In one such village, a small group of vikings are led into a vast bog, towards an ancient, towering monastery where riches beyond their wildest dreams are said to reside.

Peeved –  First published in Insomnia Press #1 (now defunct).    The darkly humorous and offensive tale of a man trapped in a loveless marriage  as he struggles to overcome his passive aggressive tendencies and confront his wife over suspected infidelities during an evening out on the town.  And, also  Dolph Lundgren is in it.

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     I agreed that my wife could have one night out, away from the house and the chores and the kid, but only if I got to tag along. You see, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how right she was. Growing up, my parents were always around, picking me up from school on time, showing up to my graduations. In hindsight, it was fucking annoying as hell. I wanted our daughter to grow up to be her own person and not have to look over her shoulder for her parents her entire life.

     So, I found myself being dragged to every shitty dance club and bar in town that had live music. Just my wife and I.

     And her three new besties from the String/Genital Cream factory, Amanda, Tory (with a ‘y’ not an ‘I’ as she reiterated every single time we saw each other like I was a slow adult), and Rosalyn.


     If you took a diseased vagina, put a dress and Ugg boots on it, then layered on Liza Minnelli levels of foundation and mascara, you still wouldn’t come close to the abominable monstrosity that had latched onto my wife like one of those tiny fish you see swimming around the Great White’s mouth during Shark Week.

     Roz’s first words to me? Why did you bring Little-Small-Dick tonight?

     That was her way of being charming.

BloodBrook Road — Dark Eclipse #14  August 2012  A man returns home after a series of failures at life and reconnects with an old friend only to discover that one’s past has a long memory and it will always catch up to you no matter where you run.


The Many Murders of Frankie Peppers —A convicted serial killer refuses to die no matter how many times he’s killed. <OUT OF PRINT–Serial Magazine, Issue 9>

Peel — A bizzaro cautionary tale about life, love, obsession, Furries, and bacterial infection. Yes, Furries.

The Hatchback — The Rusty Nail Magazine January 2013 (now defunct)  On a snowy night on a snowy road, a man longs to return to his home and pregnant wife. His story takes a creepy turn as he stumbles upon the wreckage of a vehicle on the side of his road a mere hundred yards from his home.

R.G.S — A janitor with a rather odd sexual fetish find himself overwhelmed by it one day at school, a day that will end in ways most unexpected.

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Coffee for Two — A couple’s love disintegrates before their very eyes over their daily morning cup of coffee. Through a veil of passive aggression and regret, a sudden violence lurks within them, ready to strike.

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Only The Names Have Been Changes — A story about a man and a table.  Based on true events.

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A Super Villain in Repose — The world’s lone super villain returns from his latest act of villainy to his sad apartment to reflect upon his life and the decisions that led him to where he is.

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