Been a while.

Posted: February 4, 2023 in Writing

Anyways. Site is updated. Bad links are gone. Updated my currently available stuff, which sadly, seems to be less and less these days. Lots of houses folding or folded during the pandemic, along with some (miniscule) royalties that should’ve come my way.

So it goes right?

I’m still writing; not sure if I could stop now or what I’d do with myself if I didn’t. I might not ever publish another novel again, but I’m still going to be putting the work in, for all the good that’ll do. Seems more and more that it’s a zero-sum game, writing. Lots of negativity in the so-called communities, lots of minefields to navigate IF you want to be known and taken seriously(of which, I feel that my peers most assuredly do not).

Still, I write. In fact, my piece ‘KVLT’ is set to appear in the Heavy Metal Nightmares anthology coming out from Phobica Books in March of 2023. Pretty happy about this as it’s a piece I’ve worked and been shopping for some while now. Stay tuned for the official release date and links. Might even have some other news very soon too!

Like all of us, I navigated the pandemic the best I could, which frankly, was piss-poor. Job wise, things are and have been great. Family wise? Not so much. I had to navigate my wife’s illness/addiction/recovery during the height of it, all while having to figure out how to do the single parent thing for our toddler (3 years old now and thriving) while my wife sought out treatment. Writing felt like a chore, and not fun, and I neglected it to an extent that I could. But, I always found my way back and I am now sitting on a backlog of completed novels and shorts that I am actively shopping. My wife is sober and remains so through help of her program and friends and family.

I hope this finds you well, anyone who reads it(probably no one). If you’ve read my stuff in the past, I hope you’ll read me again in the future. I’ve lots more to tell you.

–Kyle 04-Feb-23