Is mummification the new hot trend for 2014????

Posted: September 18, 2013 in Writing

Just a quick one today as I am feeling under the weather.

I am pretty psyched to announce my short story ‘The Monastery’ has been accepted into the CANOPIC JARS: TALES OF MUMMIES AND MUMMIFICATION anthology, being put out by the good people at Great Old Ones Publishing. 

I was invited to submit a story to this anthology (my first ever invite to submit anything, anywhere), and ended up churning out a story that may or may not be one of the cruelest stories I’ve ever written. It’s about a Viking raid on a small Irish village.

Yes, because when you think Mummies and Canopic Jars, you think Vikings. Or, The Monster Squad.

God, what a sweet movie The Monster Squad was….

The Crypt-Keeper's cousin, Stan-Keeper

The Crypt-Keeper’s cousin, Stan-Keeper

Trust your old pal on this one, it all works out in the end, in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

I’ll shoot out more details on when you can get your hands on this one, as the list of talented writers keep growing and growing. This one should be something really special. Thanks to the twisted genius of Phillip Perron, D.B. Poirer and Gregory L. Norris for making this anthology come to life.

SPOILER ALERT: Sean Bean also dies in THIS story, too.

SPOILER ALERT: Sean Bean also dies in THIS story, too.


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