Hanoi: friends, chocolate, snakes

Posted: February 8, 2015 in Writing

Badger and Frog cycling blog

For the first time on our trip, after 2 months on the road we finally reached the sea, in Dien Chau where we rested for a couple of days to dry out after 3 days of constant rain in an hotel called “Lieu Chau” which sounds like “warm place” in French, you can’t make it up! We explored the sea shore, seeing the barefooted women fishing for cockles on the sand, watching hundreds of fishing boats go out to sea.

DSCN2686sm  DSCN2808sm
DSCN2816sm  DSCN2720sm

Walking along the beach Badger encountered school children who insisted on taking some pictures with him – they were about the age where the stop being terrified of his beard. Frog gets the teenage girls really excited, squeezing in to take a “selfie” and touching her hair. We have experienced it through out our trip but even more so in Vietnam where people seem a lot more outgoing.

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