Book review: Four Bullets – Kyle Rader

Posted: September 1, 2016 in Writing

Great review of Four Bullets!

Grim Reader Reviews


I’ve read and enjoyed a couple of good western novels this year, and I really enjoyed this one by Kyle Rader. There is something a little different with this novel to the others in that the main character Drake Travis is a hugely unlikable character. Armed with a bad attitude and his weapon, the brilliantly named ‘Devil’s Claw’, Travis goes on a bloody trail of revenge seeking a final confrontation with his old boss. The thing is, as the title suggests, Travis only has four bullets and he has to kill five people!

Now, there is nothing particularly new with this, but it’s a bloody tale and it features some truly despicable yet interesting characters. In fact, I’ll tell you now that the whole book is filled with treacherous murderers, hungry only for money and a way to make themselves more feared, and so if you’re looking for a book…

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    Great post thankkyou


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