Neat title, right?

Show of hands: how many of you actually know what Gehenna is, without having to have use “The Google” first.


I’ll wait.

Yeah, I had to Google it, too. I meant, like, as I was writing this just now.

I’m not terribly smart, party people.

Lots of fun stuff been happening for your old pal: Four Bullets, featuring the debut of the indomitable bastard, Drake Travis, is published and, thus far at least, appears to be finding its way into your eager hands. (Leave me reviews!!) I bought a house. Sold a novella (Details TBD) and have a couple other short stories coming out this year.

One of them being “A Trip to Gehenna”, featured in Volume 5 of the NH Pulp Fiction Series.

live free

Cowboys and Aliens stole this concept. True story that I just made up.

Each volume of the NH Pulp Fiction series has a specific theme. For Vol. 5, it happens to be the Concord Coach, the famous stagecoach used throughout the mid-1840s in the United States. What does this mean for the stories? Well, in order to be included, they had to feature the Abbot-Downing stagecoach in some way, shape or form. Being a pulp project, that means any genre of pulp story you can think of!

My story is another dark, weird angry Nihilistic take on the Western, a genre that I keep getting drawn back towards, and one that I never, ever thought I would write. Funny how the creative brain-bone works, sometimes.

If you’ve read my novel, Four Bullets, you’ll know the tone of story that I’m describing above. There aren’t any “good guys”, especially not in Four Bullets. If there’s one thing I hate in Westerns is that the hero v villain dynamic is probably the most cliched and over-done in any literary genre, save for maybe fantasy. You know who the hero is and who the villain is and they’re going to fight it out and the hero saves the day, etc, etc, etc. I just described almost every John Wayne move ever made right there.

In “A Trip to Gehenna”, you will find characters driven by a sense of duty, but what actually motivates that “duty” is another matter. For some, it’s money. For others, its sadism. Others yet, it is survival. And, for at least one of the characters, well, he’s just a monster, doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Oh, don’t fret. It’s a pulp fiction piece, so that means, first and foremost, fun! Dark as it may be, the story is also sufficiently suspenseful and weird. By the time the shit goes down (and Boy! Does it go down), you’ll be settled in, fully invested in the snapshot of the realm of the wicked I’ve created out of nothing.


Oh, and the “monster” in the story is Drake Travis.

Buy it here!

For more details, here!

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