Book review: Dream Woods – Patrick Lacey

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Writing

Grim Reader Reviews


‘Dream Woods’ was the perfect book to enjoy once I returned home from terrorizing the locals on Halloween. The story follows the journey of a family that is slowly falling apart. Vince, his wife Audra and their two sons take a trip to defunct theme park ‘Dream Woods’, a tourist attraction that has a somewhat evil history involving a number of deaths, but now appears to have reopened?! The trip is supposed to reignite the passion and fun that Vince and Audra once shared but ends up becoming a nightmare as our unfortunate family become trapped at the park, pursued by Sebastian; the park’s mascot and his army of grey skins!

‘Dream Woods’ has a real old school, slasher vibe to it that I really enjoyed. It almost feels like a kind of homage to the video nasties from the 1980s in both its style, tone and execution. Lacey develops…

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