Sinister Grin Press

Posted: March 4, 2017 in Writing
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Been a while since I’ve come on here. Not much news from your old pal in the past few months to share. Ups and downs, lefts and rights, you all know the drill.

Here’s some news:  my publisher of Four Bullets, Mirror Matter Press, has merged with their sister press, Sinister Grin Press.

What does this mean? Well, as Oderus Urungus once said, “I want you to go outside and pay again!”

In actuality, if you’ve already purchased a copy of the book, nothing changes. Also, thanks so much, I hope you liked it!

And, if you’ve got a signed copy of the book with the Mirror Matter Press logo? Well, it very well could be a collector’s item now.

The important thing is this, all copies of the book, digital and print, from this day forward will be published under the Sinister Grin Press imprint. In the end, not a lot changes. The book will still be available for sale and I’ll still be around begging you fine people to buy it, review it, and tell your friends about it.



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