The Day I Tried to Live – Remembering Chris Cornell.

Posted: May 19, 2017 in Writing

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The last year or so has seen the world lose some truly inspirational artists. From Prince to Lemmy to Bowie, and yesterday, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. I’ve always held a great fondness for Soundgarden. My introduction came back in the early 90s via Kerrang magazine. Kerrang released a double album featuring a hoard of metal and rock talent. Amongst the best tracks was Jesus Christ Pose by Soundgarden. I was immediately drawn to the crunching yet melodic guitar tone, but it was the voice that sold me. Cornell was a soulful singer, a man blessed with a fantastic set of pipes, a true one-off and I loved his delivery. My love of Soundgarden developed from there. I soon purchased Superunknown-my favourite album of theirs, an album perhaps best known for the chart topping track Black Hole Sun, but for me the standout was The Day I Tried to Live

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