I didn’t grow a third arm in the small of my back.


I didn’t eat a 4lb. bag of crinkle cut french fries. It was a 2lb bag of shoestring fries and I was nine.

So, what’s the news? What did your old pal do this time? Does anyone even give a shit?



Your old pal has a new novel coming out.


That’s right, friends. The master of the absurd. The Obscure One. America’s Dad(as of August 2019), Kyle Rader is putting out another master piece!

Well, what is it? When is it coming out? Where can I get it?



Everyone needs a friend

Something is wrong in Hell.

A mysterious ritual gone awry has bound Satan to the soul of the very ordinary and very confused Mikaela, latching onto her on the day she was born. The Devil and Mikaela are not the best of friends, he being a fallen angel consumed by never-dying flames, her being an awkward lesbian dominatrix unable to maintain a relationship. His powers greatly diminished and unable to return home, Satan and Mikaela settle into a cease-fire as they try to maintain the semblance of a “normal” life while investigating the magic spell that binds them together.

After a chance encounter with a dark sorcerer reveals a possible counter-spell that will separate them and with their future in the balance and a conspiracy of rather irritated demon-bureaucrats and ancient sorcery closing in on them, the unlikely duo must decide to work together to prevent the total destruction of the entire universe.


Coming SOON!


But….that’s not all.


How’s about a peak at the cover???


Cover Design and layout by Don Noble.


Art/Layout by the fantastic Don Noble of Rooster Republic Press


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