Posted: January 22, 2020 in Writing
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Yes, friends. You heard that right.

My latest work of horrific comedy that’s not only awesome and scary, but funny(see: stupid) as all Hell, ‘My BFF Satan’ is available RIGHT NOW!




Out in both paperback and for Kindle, you can find all the deets here

Lots of great feelings about this one. It was a labor of love for certain, as I find writing most of my comedic/bizarro pieces to be. Writing is hard on its own. Writing COMEDY is fucking brutal!

Also, unless you are a comedian or someone like say, Christopher Moore, finding an agent/publishing house that will even LOOK at your work of comedic fiction these days is nigh impossible. Thus, why I decided to take a stab at self-publishing and see what happens. I’ve no delusions that this will lead me to millions, to quitting my day gig and becoming THE next huge writer. I’ll be happy if people buy 10 copies. 100 copies, even! That would be a huge success for me, but not as much as receiving valuable feedback from those who DO find the book and read it. I hope you all enjoy my stupid little story and that it makes you smile and laugh(where applicable) and creeps you the fuck out as well(where applicable).

So, what is this book about? What’s the “real” meaning behind it??

…there’s supposed to be meaning behind books?

…uh oh….

Honestly? The majority of stories I write are done under the pretense that I want to write something cool that I would like to read. That’s really it. Any meaning or parables that one takes away from the story belong to the reader and the reader alone. I’m not pretentious enough to hide secret metaphors in my work; or SMART enough, either! Read KEGGER, you’ll see!

That being said: My BFF Satan is about coming to terms with the life you have, not the one you want, and maybe, just maybe realizing that the life you have is pretty damn good. You know, when Satan isn’t bound to your soul or anything stupid like that.

Oh! It also features a Lovecraftian-tentacle monster!

Sold yet? Then stop reading this crap and go buy yourself a copy! Keno is expensive!!

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