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Haven’t been as active on here as I should be/would like to be. Life has not been overly kind to me the past nine months. A lot has happened, as goes life for most of us, really. How often do we stop and reflect on all that we’ve experienced in the recent past? These days, our lives are measured in Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat posts, the latter acting like a drunken blackout as the memory is erased. Shit, half the time I need Zuckerberg to remind me what I did on a given day the past decade or so.

So it goes.

In brief, my life got complicated for the following reasons:

  • Bought a house
  • My “assignment” with my previous job ended, thus leaving me waiting to be placed elsewhere.
  • I’d rather not be doing what I do anymore, so I asked to be placed elsewhere. They gave me five business days before giving me my walking papers. Right around the Thanksgiving/Xmas holidays. So it goes.
  • Spent the next 5 months (nearly 6) searching for a new job. Most of my day was spent staring into job search engines hoping to find something. I didn’t find anything and then, out of the blue, I was recruited for a contracting gig. Doing what? You guessed it. Exactly what I’ve been doing the past seven years. So it goes.
  • I’m on a 6 month contract, but have been told they expect it to go longer; maybe permanent. Problem is, most days I don’t have much to do. It’s a slow time. The summer. So, I could very well find myself in the exact same position that I was in one year ago. So it goes.

Not that it was all doom and gloom, of course. I wrote a book that got published almost a year ago. You may have seen me post about it. Sadly, the publishing world is dark and deep and has mainly proven indifferent to my novel. Those of you who have read it seem to, on the whole, really dug what I did. Thank you for that.

But this isn’t a post about me whining about how rough I’ve got it. This is a post about my dog.



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