Some Accolades!

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Writing

Huzzah, right?

As part of the contract I signed between myself and the good people over at Fiction Vortex, my high fantasy story ‘The Countess and the Bard’ was eligible for not one, but two contests. The first being the Editor’s Choice awards that they do each month and the second being the Reader’s Choice awards, which they allow their readers to vote for their favorite story. That last one was pretty self explanatory and I am not entirely certain why I felt the need to explain it to you, but there it is.

Keanu meme

Unfortunately for your old pal, my tale of political intrigue, horrible characters and endless madness and violence did not place in the Editor’s Choice awards. Not through any fault of the story, nor from the editors, as the winning stories were all quite excellent in their own regard.

However, thanks to you, the readers (and through all the shameless self-promotion that I did over the past week) my story won the Reader’s Choice award for the month of November, capturing nearly sixty-five percent of the total vote.

Pretty goddamned sweet, if you ask me, and I do. \m/


Thanks to everyone who voted for my story. I hope that at least some of you actually got around to reading it and didn’t just vote for it because you like and/or pity me and realized that I really needed a chalk mark in the Win column. All in all, I am very pleased with how this story turned out, and winning this contest is just the icing on the cake.

If you found reading such a longer piece a bit cumbersome on the website, well then, Good News! They have made it into an e-Book that is available for purchase on Amazon right this very second. Click here if you want to buy it, or go to the Short Stories page for the same link.  Either way works.

There are rumblings that my story may even be turned into a podcast, which would be of epic proportions, so much so, that there is absolutely no way that anyone could ever listen to it without having their minds completely blown!

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