Do You Have A Bug Up Your Ass or What?

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Writing
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Because, as it turns out, I DO!

My latest short story of <INSERT GENRE HERE> has been accepted to Great Old Ones Publishing’s second anthology, tentatively titled ‘Bugs’ or ‘Bugs Anthology’ or ‘Brundlefly’, I think.

Yeah, they should call it Brundlefly. It’s identifiable.

Goldblum always bogarts the sugar-water.

Goldblum always bogarts the sugar-water.


The news comes during a difficult time for me, personally. Despite my life’s turmoil, starting a new job, worrying about the future for myself, family, friends, as well as the entire goddamn world, today one of my heroes passed away. The Mighty Oderus Urungus a.k.a Davie Brockie of GWAR. You can read about it here if you are so inclined. As this post is mostly about my latest acceptance, I will gladly get back into that, after one last thought about my fallen idol. GWAR was my first concussion. If I had to do it again, go through the pain(that I still suffer from occasionally) the mood-swings, the anger, would I just to see them play once more? To get covered in blood and alien semen to the point half of my torso is stained a mottled green?

What the hell do you think?

For those who never got to experience GWAR live, here you are:


If you don’t understand what you just saw, or were offended, then you missed the point and I am very sorry for you.


Where was I?


I think I have that Memento disease? You know, the one where my career vanishes for a while and everyone forgets about me and then I show up as a really old dude in Prometheus and everyone questions why they cast me as an old fart?

Oh yeah, bugs!

The goal of the anthology was to create dark fiction tales involving everyone’s favorite topic: Lance Henriksen.


Actually, it is bugs. For my tale, I went an entirely new direction from anything I’ve ever written before. Head-long into Gothic Romance Horror, a genre in which I never thought I would write in. My tale was about a person who is considering suicide. This person ventures into some woods to do the deed one day, feeling that the world has nothing left to offer, when they stumble across two things that give this person pause:

A homemade painted sign that says ‘Jesus Saves’

And a corpse.

Where do things go from there? Well, that is up to you, the reader, to find out when the Brundlefly or Bugs antho comes out. I will say this about the story: It nearly did me in. I fell into such a depression that I sat in the dark, watching TV and drank a bottle of rum. The decision was the wrong one and I knew it, but I went ahead with it anyway. For those who don’t know, I suffer from clinical depression. Like any other chronic disease–for it IS a disease–I have occasional ‘flare-ups’ if you will, of which, the triggers are vast. In this case, my story about a suicidally depressed person hit pretty close to home. I realized that this fictional character’s feelings, their depression, were slowly becoming my own, a fact that led me to question if this is what I was truly becoming, a sad shell of a human being destined to plod along in life until I get the nerve to do myself in.

This state lasted for a solid two weeks. It was that long before I could pick up the story again. By this point it had, fortunately, taken on a more twisted, albeit, more dare I say, beautiful tone? Though I knew how I wanted the story to go from beginning to end, it still surprised me in the directions that I went with it. In the end, it is something disturbing, depressing, horrifying and poignant. It proved a few things to me. First, I have the power to destroy my own brain with my own writing. It’s like I have my own Earthquake Machine or Weather Dominator like G.I.Joe, because that was a BRILLIANT idea.


The second thing writing this tale proved to me was that I am more than capable of writing in genres that I never even considered. Yes, this story is very, very dark, but if you can look through the Stygian forest, you will see that there is a place for love residing deep within it. I am confident of that.


So, be on the lookout for the new antho from Great Old Ones Publishing, of which, I will inform you all of the release date.


What? You want to read the story now? For free??


Well, I’m not sure if I can do that. Contracts and all. BUT, if you want a sneak peek, click on the below link.

I swear, it is not a link to 10 hours of Skeletor laughing. For reals. Super serial guys. I mean, it is not NOT Skeletor laughing for 10 hours, or is it not not NOT Skeletor laughing for 10 hours?


Click here to find out! MHAHAHAHAHA!!! COOOOBRAAA!!!

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