I tend not to gush, but I wanted to take a few minutes to talk to you about this great company called Fright-Rags.

This company’s motto? “We make kick-ass horror shirts.”

As I can attest to you right here and now: Yes. Yes, they do.

It was a bit of serendipity that led me to them. One of those annoying Facebook ads that everyone hates and wishes that Zuckerberg wasn’t all up in our shit but then we realize that we do not HAVE to be on Facebook in the first place so we just ignore them and occasionally bitch about?

Yeah, one of those. BUT, this time, the ad led me to PURE GOLD.

Fright-Rags has been around since 2003. From the products that I have seen on their site, they are committed to not only a high quality product, but being artistic. What I mean by that is they are finding the art from horror, the true beauty behind the scares and the gore (though their products still have that in spades!) You won’t find more original shirt concepts for horror ANYWHERE else.

Here’s a few shirts that I have bought and wear with glee:

90s Marvel fans will love this one.

90s Marvel fans will love this one.


Another awesome comic-themed shirt

Another awesome comic-themed shirt

fright rag 3

Worried about customer service? Let me tell you, don’t. Fright-Rags is committed to providing the best shipping service to us, the customers. Not only did I receive all of my shirts in a timely manner, Fright-Rags gives you free swag with each order you make.

You heard right. FREE SHIT!! I’m not going to tell you what said free shit is. You will just have to order some stuff for yourself.

They also have something really cool called The Graveyard.

This is where all the shirts that they don’t have in print anymore are placed. They allow us, the customer, to vote on which shirt that we’d like to see get resurrected. The votes are tallied each month and the winners (up to six) are brought back for purchases. You would really be doing yourself a huge favor by checking some of these out.

If I have a gripe with Fright-Rags, it would have to be the price. These shirts are not super expensive, but they are not cheap. Granted, you are going to end up paying more for horror shirts on sites like Redbubble or Threadless (and get much crappy ones to boot). In the end, the quality of their product and the service they provide make going with Fright-Rags a solid choice for horror fans and fans of dark art work alike.

This writer will be a returning customer for sure (already have another shirt on the way!)


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