Happy Halloween. May the Man-Goat fill your hearts with joy and your bellies with delicious candy.

Or, if you are a filthy heathen, may the Great Pumpkin rise up from the sacred patch and take revenge against those that have wronged you this year past.

Or, if you  are being haunted by a giant monster with a pumpkin for a head, just make sure that it is really a monster with a pumpkin for a head and not just Casper Van Dien. That guy has LITERALLY nothing better to do with his time than to remind us all he was in that one movie where he kind of did that.

So, just in time for this spooky holiday where we celebrate the defeat of the Dread-Lord Jarvis the Unspoken by yours truly, my latest tale is now available for purchase!

What is it about you may ask? Well, if you shut up for a second, I will tell you.

In a word:


In two words:

Depressing Bugs

The anthology “Bugs: Tales That Slither, Creep and Crawl” by the fine folks at Great Old Ones Publishing is ready for you to purchase. See my Short Stories page for deets.

If that cover doesn't get you to buy this book, then your taste is very poor

If that cover doesn’t get you to buy this book, then your taste is very poor

My story, entitled “Jesus Saves” is not exactly a horror story, nor is it exactly a suspense story, a genre that I like to lurk in. If anything, the story is a love story. A very, very demented love story. Think Gothic romance but written by me. With bugs. And a suicidal protagonist.

In my story, we follow an individual into the woods where this person intends to end their life. A bottle of pills and the perfect spot are all this person seeks, when the unexpected occurs and our narrator stumbles across the most peculiar and beautiful sight they have ever seen:

A dead body.

If you want to know more you will have to buy the antho and read it. I will tell you this is NOT a story about corpse-fucking. Those of you who may have read my transgressive piece “Only The Names Have Been Changed” may suspect that to be the case. This story is more of a look into the mind of a severely depressed individual and how they find a kind of peace and salvation in the face of the very thing they crave: death. I won’t lie, this story did a number on me. As a sufferer of clinical depression, a lot of the mindset of my protagonist hit really close to home, so much so, that my fiancee grew concerned over my well-being. I hit bottom during the process. She found me sitting in the dark on the floor with a bottle of rum in my hand and watching “Homeland”.

Granted, it was Season Three of “Homeland”, so that may have exacerbated my depression…  HIYOOO

In the end, I feel proud of the piece. Very much so. It was a genre and subject matter in which I’ve not explored before with my writing. I am the kind of writer that loves to use all the crayons in the box, and this piece shows that, not only can I make you laugh, cringe, but feel sorrow, sympathy and maybe, even a little hope in the face of insanity.


So, please give the antho a go. And, to close, here is a really gross scene involving bugs and blood. No need to thank me.



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