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Posted: May 7, 2015 in Writing
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You ready?



Lots of exciting Kile news to share. Where to start? Where to start?

Got it. At the BEGINNING!!

I’m really smart.

First off, I am super excited to announce that I was invited to contribute a short story to a wonderful new anthology entitled “And Death Shall Have No Dominion: Tales of the Titanic” edited by none other than the wonderful Mr. Dean Drinkel. Dean and I began corresponding some time ago and he was very gracious to invite me to submit a story to this anthology.

Artwork by James Powell

Artwork by James Powell

The first thing that came out of my mouth was: “SHIT YEAH!”

The second thing was: “Shit. I’ve got nothing for it.”

Dean, if you are reading this, I can tell you I said those exact words out loud. I stopped and literally said “Shit” 🙂

As fortune would have it, or dumb luck, or divine intervention by either Odin the All-Father, The Fallen One Lucifer, or Lance Henriksen, my panic lasted all of ten minutes. The brainbone churned out the idea and I set to work. The end result? One of my best stories to date. You can check out the description on the cover above under my name. (How freakin’ KEWL is that?!?!) I won’t spoil anything here, save to say, it is once again a dirty, nihilistic story of suspense and increasing dread. Oh, and filled with really weird-ass characters.

Because who doesn’t love weird ass characters? AmIRite?


This antho is being published by Lycopolis Press; release date TBD. We will bring you updates on this breaking Kile story as it develops.


And now onto sports


Or another update on another story acceptance. Some time ago, I was given a writing prompt for a writers’ soiree hosted by my dear friend and prolific writer Gregory L. Norris. The prompt was ‘Surprise’. Any of you writers out there know that a prompt is the central idea behind your story; you can go in any direction you want to with it. I took it into the direction of, surprise, a nasty, nihilistic tale of a woman who is kidnapped by weird-ass characters, characters who disguise their appearances by wearing masks. The lead kidnapper, a woman herself, wears an old WW1-era gas mask, because, why not? Those things are fucking creepy.


See you in your nightmares!!

See you in your nightmares!!

After many submissions and many rejections, I was fortunate enough to be picked up for another anthology entitled “Masks”, which is being published by the good folks at KnightWatch Press and edited, once again, by Mr. Dean Drinkel! Thanks for being a fan mate!


Art by James Powell

Art by James Powell

Very excited to be included in such great company and to be working with such talented publishers.


ToC of both anthos as follows. Please check out the author’s sites/blogs/etc. It is well worth your time.


And Death Shall Have No Dominion: Tales of the Titanic:

And The Band Played On – Nerine Dorman

Choices In The Dark – Robert Walker

The Jasper Scarab – D.T. Griffith

The Briny Deep – Kyle Rader (I fucking love my title #BackPat)

Le Laboratorie Des Hallucinations – Dean M. Drinkel

Maiden Voyage – Sylvia Shults




Many Happy Returns – Kyle Rader
Trixie – Christopher L Beck
An Absent Host – F.A. Nosić
Variety Night – Russell Proctor
The Silencing Machine – Clockhouse Writers
After The End – Christine Morgan / Lucas Williams
The Face Collector – Stephanie Ellis
The Jar By The Door – LJ Sedgewick
Porcelain – James Everington
The Man Who Fed The Foxes – Phil Sloman
The House Of A Thousand Faces – Chris Stokes
Blood, Gingerbread and Life – David T Griffith
His Last Portrait – Adrian Cole


Cover Artwork by James Powell


Wade Approved

Wade Approved

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