Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and lighting up a cigar on the Hindenburg

Posted: June 27, 2015 in Writing
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Do I have your complete attention now?


Um…Should I post about naked ladies instead of more writing stuff?


Sorry, no naked ladies. But at least I didn’t Rick-Roll you. Do people still do that? Kind of old hat at this point, yeah? If it were me, I’d post to that lame Vanilla Ice “I Love You” song instead.

But, I digress.

Once again, Kile wins. Why you may ask? Well, it’s because another one of my masterpieces has found its way into publication.

Yes, friends and enemies, my superb suspense tale “The Briny Deep” is in publication right now! In a TREE book even!

Wade Approved

Wade Approved


I’ve posted about this previously, but to the eight people who read my posts and the five people who read my stories, I will give you a brief re-cap. The anthology is called “And Death Shall Have No Dominion: Tales of the Titanic.” Sweet name, right? Right. So, this is a wonderful little antho put out by Lycopolis Press and edited by Mr. Dean Drinkel. The Briny Deep is one of six stories taking place on the great, doomed wonder of the Modern Age.




The Briny Deep, in summary, is about a cult on the Titanic, and how one poor, unassuming bastard gets wrapped up in one of their rituals; their final ritual. I’ve always been fascinated by cults, mainly, how someone can become enthralled by the will of one or more leaders and their visions for the world, which are often quite bizarre and what the normies of society would call insane. Fortunately, I myself am pretty borderline on most days so it’s not that difficult. Apocalyptic cults are such a fertile ground for fiction writers, especially for genre writing. I don’t delve too deeply into one genre or another as I want to use all the crayons in the box, even that shitty magenta that everyone says they like but in the backs of their minds they know that is nothing but a hollow lie.

Anyway, my name is on the back of the anthology. This is a watershed day for your old pal, as this is the first time in my writing career that I’ve had such distinction. It’s a bit surreal for me, and something I am both honored and humbled by. Many thanks once again to Mr. Drinkel for extending the invite.


Head on over to my Short Stories page to find out where to get your copy. Remember, buying this book not only guarantees you some high-quality horror/suspense fiction, but also supports the Indie Author/Publishing scene. Delve into this friends and enemies, as more often than naught, you will find some real gems and extreme talent.

On a sad note, the brilliant cover artist, James Powell, tragically and suddenly was taken from us just before this antho was being finalized. I did not have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Powell. He is still with us through his work, which I recommend you check out here.

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