Masks–We all wear them or some cliched thing.

Posted: September 22, 2015 in Writing
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This is a post about Masks.

Not the kind you may think, either.

It’s not this kind:

Remember this? Anyone? No? Okay...

Remember this? Anyone? No? Okay…


Nor this one:

You thought I'd go with Rocky Dennis, didn't you?

You thought I’d go with Rocky Dennis, didn’t you?

No friends, this is about a new story of mine, now available in the Masks anthology, edited by Dean M. Drinkel.

Cover by James Powell. R.I.P, James

Cover by James Powell. R.I.P, James

Yet another magnificent collaboration between Mr. Drinkel and me, one that I daresay, is even better than the first, although, I’m not one for judging works of writing, especially my own. I love all my children equally.

Yes, I just called my stories my children. Fuck off.


My story is titled “Many Happy Returns”. I first wrote about the story here, but I think it is worth a rehash. The story is a delightful tale of whimsy and wonder, where a beautiful, successful woman is kidnapped on her birthday and subjected to many beatings and other wonderful murder attempts while her kidnappers, each wearing a mask of differently creepy value (the mastermind wears a World War I-era gas mask because, why not? Have you seen one? Now imagine that staring down at you while a 300 lb man is smashing your head in with his Doc Martens.)

In other words, just another fun-filled story by your old pal.

HOWEVER…this story has a TWIST! A nice little surprise at the end, one that I hope you don’t see coming. But, even if you do, I hope you will enjoy the ride.

Many thanks to Dean for accepting the piece. I hope our collaborations continue well into the future! Many thanks go out to Gregory L  Norris, for providing me with the writing prompt of which this story was based. His constant encouragement and kicks in the ass to keep writing are much appreciated.

2015 is shaping up to be my most successful year of my young-ish(?) writing career and it is all thanks to me. I am so proud of me.

Actually, it’s all because of YOU, my dedicated and, hopefully, at least slightly off, readers. Wade and I loves ya all.

If you want to know how to get your hands on Masks, check it out here and my Short Stories page.  And, if you read the story, leave us a review on the Amazon. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the anthology, of which, I am confident are going to be positive.


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