Four Bullets and Big News

Posted: February 15, 2016 in Writing
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Yes, not one bullet. Not two or three, but FOUR bullets.

keanu meme 2


God. Keanu. Just…just shut up and let me make the big announcement.


Four Bullets is a novel. A novel written by ME! Can you believe it? I know, I was surprised too! Me, the little, weirdish, different kid who was picked on throughout grade school and into high school. The kid who was bullied because I liked to read and I liked to play video games, who wasn’t all that good at sports (I wasn’t TERRIBLE, mind you. Just not too great. I AM pretty good at running, though. Marathon proves it, so eat me). Yeah, that kid who just wanted to be happy, who really didn’t know what he wanted out of life, who didn’t make plans as that bullying really put the fear of being laughed at and ostracized by the collected ‘They’. The kid who became a miserable, angry man with zero confidence in himself and suicidal tendencies that he kept hidden under a veneer of sarcasm. The man who still wrestled with teen angst into his thirties, partly because he likes to live in the past. The man who keeps certain grudges from the things that happened to that poor kid, will carry those grudges to the grave, most likely.

You know ended up happening to the bullied kid who became a haunted man?

He wrote. A lot. Had some pretty decent success at it, too. He got to meet and befriend a lot of wonderful people in the process, people who DIDN’T bully him or ostracize him.

Want to know what happened then?

He wrote a novel called ‘Four Bullets’.

A novel that is now going to be published by Mirror Matters Press.

That’s right. Your ol’ Pal Kile is going to have a novel in print.

I’ll let that sink in before I tell you what the novel is about.





Four Bullets is a nasty revenge story. One that happens to take place in the Old West. Hold on, now. It’s by no means your traditional Western where The Duke comes in and saves the ranchers from the cattle baron or something stupid like that. It’s not even like a Clint Eastwood movie where it’s a bit more morally ambiguous. Four Bullets is out and out a tale about bad things happening to bad people.

Our protagonist, Drake Travis, is a villain. There is no mistaking him as a hero in any sense of the word. He’s bad, barely human. He is legend in my version of the West. He is an agent of Chaos, wandering the country with his gun, The Devil’s Claw, a gun that should not be. It’s power is enough to rattle the loudest of cannons and make the bravest of men pray for death.

Drake awakens in the town of Matherton, which is quickly revealed to be the town of his nemesis, Captain Marsden, a man just as evil as Drake, maybe slightly more so. They’ve played a game of who-can-hurt-the-other for years and years, always ending in a stalemate. Marsden has brought Drake to his town with an aim to end the sport. Within the town, there are five people, including Marsden himself, all of whom have very good reasons for wanting Drake dead. Marsden challenges the great Drake Travis to kill all five, using only four bullets. If he does so, he will go free. If he doesn’t he will die a very bad death. Drake’s ego and rage don’t allow him to refuse, so he sets out, in the midst of a blizzard, to play the game and end Marsden once and for all.

Take a weird western, and in a healthy dose of pulp, and remove any heroes, and you’ve got Four Bullets. But Kyle, you may ask, how can we expect to read a novel where our protagonist is such a bastard? Great question. The answer? Put our bad man in the midst of people who are worse than him. You know, the whole devil you know thing. Except, you may end up feeling sympathy for the five assassins as their tales are told, and subsequently, Drake’s own.

I’ll have more details on release dates and where to purchase the novel in the coming months. I hope you all buy copies and enjoy the novel that I enjoyed writing.

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