Corpsepaint – David Peak and Word Horde get kvelt

Posted: April 3, 2018 in Writing

Grim Reader Reviews


April 30th sees publisher Word Horde unleash David Peak‘s latest novel, Corpsepaint – a black metal inspired horror novel! To say I’m excited about reading this is an understatement (so much so, I immediately hit Word Horde‘s Ross Lockhart up for a review copy!). I love metal, especially black metal, and so what better way to signal the arrival of this fine book than to plug a few albums I’ve been enjoying recently. Black metal is an acquired taste for sure, most listeners think it is simply noise, but I beg to differ. There is a raw energy to black metal, a punk rock primal fury that gets the blood pumping. I often listen to it at the gym and when driving to work at the top of the misty mountain where I ply my trade as a school teacher.

Word Horde is one of the premier publishers of dark…

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